The chicken has a light red-brown colour with white feathers in-between that helps to camouflage and protect them from predators. Roosters weigh about 1,6 kg at 12 weeks of age and 2,6 kg at 20 weeks, while the hens weigh 1,5 kg at 12 weeks and 1,7 kg at 20 weeks. The birds reach sexual maturity at 136 days of age.
Breeding towards the American standard, Large Tall leggy birds with long backs and lots of fluff.Do not email, Phone 205_910_1111. OK - Mottled Orpington Chicks $18. Mottled orpington day old chicks $18each, or 10 mottled and/or Jubilee Orpingtons for $145. We are located in Coweta, OK (Near Tulsa).